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Windows Store Apps with HTML5 Refresh Jump Start

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This course builds on everything you’ve already learned about developing apps in these HTML5 courses: Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 Jump Start and Advanced Windows Store App Development Using HTML5 and JavaScript Jump Start. It also helps you prepare for Exams 70-481 and 70-482, two of the key components of the MCSD: Windows Store Apps certification. It is a fast-paced refresh course, filled with real-world scenarios, which shows you how you can make your apps richer and more integrated, using the new features available in Windows 8.1. The course is targeted at anyone making apps or aspiring to make apps for the Windows 8 platform using HTML and JavaScript.

Instructors | Jeremy Foster - Microsoft Technical Evangelist; Michael Palermo - Microsoft Technical Evangelist

Associated Exam | Exam 70-482: Advanced Windows Store App Development using HTML5 and JavaScript; Exam 70-481: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps using HTML5 and JavaScript 
Related Certification |  MCSD: Windows Store Apps
Associated Course | Course 20482: Advanced Windows Store App Development Using HTML5 and JavaScript; Course 20481: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 and JavaScript

Course owner: Dean Of Colleges
01 | Controls
9 Points -  Level 200
02 | Storage, Networking, and Security
9 Points -  Level 200
03 | UX/UI
9 Points -  Level 200
04 | Multimedia and Devices
9 Points -  Level 200
05 | Packaging and Deployment
9 Points -  Level 200
06 | Tools and Asynchronous Programming
9 Points -  Level 200
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2 Points -  Level 200
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