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Windows Server 2012: Web and Application Platform

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With more and more applications moving to a web model, organizations need a web platform they can rely on, that can scale as needed, and is easy to manage. The web platform delivered by Windows Server 2012 is suitable for companies of all sizes – for hosters, as well as enterprises – and can run applications for internal or external usage. Internet Information Services 8 (IIS 8) has improved in several areas in order to meet the needs for high density websites, high performance applications and configuration consistency while embracing web standards. Windows Sever 2012 delivers improvements in:

- IIS Scale. Windows Server 2012 provides many improvements in configuration optimization and application initialization that help make applications available quicker.
- Quality of Service. Windows Server 2012 delivers the best Quality of Service (QoS) for web applications such as CPU Throttling, Dynamic IP restrictions and FTP logon attempts.
- Certificate Management and Deployment. The new Centralized Certificate Store makes it easy to add a new server in a farm and have different sites running https automatically recover their certificates.
- Shared Configuration.  Improvements and tools that help ensure consistent configuration across web farms.

After completing this course — through a series of videos and whitepapers — you will have a detailed understanding of how Windows Server 2012 enables you to provide high performance web applications and consistent web configurations while embracing web standards.

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