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Windows Server 2012: Storage

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Windows Server 2012 introduces many new storage features and capabilities. These new capabilities are designed to provide enhanced reliability, availability, and performance at every layer of the Microsoft storage stack. They allow IT pros to combine features and build powerful new storage solutions, such as the ability to deliver feature-rich high performance storage functionality and performance without sacrificing budget. This course covers a number of these new features, including:

- Storage Spaces, which is designed to deliver a cost-effective storage solution.
- SMB 3.0 and the new features in the protocol, including how the new features enhance the reliability, availability, manageability, and performance of file servers.
- Enhancements to Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) to extend its benefits beyond Hyper-V to support other application workloads.
- Resilient file systems, NTFS file system enhancements, and data de-duplication.

After learning Windows Server 2012, you will have a detailed understanding of the new storage enhancements in Windows Server 2012 and how you can use them.

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