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Windows Server 2012: Management & Automation

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Windows Server 2012 introduces new management and automation features and capabilities that offer excellent total cost of ownership (TCO) as an integrated platform with comprehensive, multi-computer manageability. This course covers a number of these new features, including:

- Standards-based management. The focus on industry standards used in Windows Server 2012 enables greater manageability across both Windows and non-Windows devices alike.
- Windows PowerShell 3.0. This command-line interface provides comprehensive automation capabilities.
- Server Manager This helps you to deploy and manage roles and features on the local server and remote servers, whether physical or virtual.

After completing this windows server tutorial — through a series of videos, virtual labs, and whitepapers—you will have a detailed understanding of how Windows Server 2012 is focused on simplifying the management experience for IT pros, whether they are managing one server or many.

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