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Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start

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This course is retired and is replaced by Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start.

This Wwindows mobilephoneWindows Phone application development course is tailored for developers looking to leverage C#/XAML to build cool apps and games for Windows Phone 8. This platform is another leap forward in Microsoft’s overall mobile strategy, and the developer community has taken notice. Now is the time to embrace your opportunity and start building Windows Phone 8 apps. If you’re a developer or architect who needs to move beyond the hype and come face-to-face with what’s real, you will love this experience.

Instructors | This fast-paced, demo-rich online mobile development course features two mobile developmentof the industry's thought leaders: Andy Wigley, a sought-after mobile app developer and co-author of three best-selling books on mobile application development and Rob Tiffany, mobile strategist, author, and speaker for Microsoft.

Begin Building! | Download the Windows Phone 8 SDK Now

Associated Exam(s) | Exam 70-599: Pro: Designing and Developing Windows Phone Applications
Associated Course(s) | Course 10553A: Fundamentals of XAML and Microsoft Expression Blend