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Windows Performance Jump Start

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Learn about the tools used by Microsoft Global Business Support Premier Field Engineers when they need to make a CEO's computer run faster. Want to improve performance for computers that are starting slowly? Need to diagnose and fix problems caused by resource-hogging apps? Join us for a deep dive on the free Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT), part of the Assessment and Deployment Toolkit (ADK), developed to help you troubleshoot and resolve these issues. Download the toolkit, and get ready to tackle real-world Windows performance issues that can impact organizations of all sizes running Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. We'll show you real-time event tracing and live troubleshooting demos, starting with the basics and getting more advanced throughout the day.

Instructor | Milad Aslaner - Microsoft Global Premier Field Engineer; Chell Sterioff – Microsoft Senior Program Manager

Course owner: Dean Of Colleges
01 | About the Performance Lifecycle
9 Points -  Level 300
02 | Windows Internals Basics (User/Kernel Mode, Threads, Pr...
9 Points -  Level 300
03 | Windows Performance Toolkit
9 Points -  Level 300
04 | Windows Store App Analysis
9 Points -  Level 300
05 | Surface Performance
9 Points -  Level 300
06 | Legacy Apps
9 Points -  Level 300
07 | On/Off Transition Experience
9 Points -  Level 300
08 | Analysis at Scale
9 Points -  Level 300
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4 Points -  Level 300
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