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Windows Intune - Deploy

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This course is scheduled to be retired on Dec 15, 2014.

Deploying a Windows Intune solution involves several tasks, mostly related around managing client computers and the overall service configuration. As part of your deployment, you will install the client software on the target computers, delegate administrative rights to your internal administrators and define policies to control the devices on your network. The resources in this section will assist you in achieving these goals successfully.


This track reflects the June 2012 release of Windows Intune.

Course owner: Dean Of Colleges
Download and deploy the client software
12 Points -  Level 200
Supporting Image deployment
9 Points -  Level 200
Verify client software installation
11 Points -  Level 200
Configuring your Windows Intune environment
14 Points -  Level 200
Configure default policy settings
21 Points -  Level 200
Connecting to Mobile devices
15 Points -  Level 200
Creating software deployment packages
11 Points -  Level 200
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