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Windows Azure Pack: Infrastructure as a Service Jump Start

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IT Pros, you know that enterprises desire the flexibility and affordability of the cloud, and service providers want the ability to support more enterprise customers. This course is an exploration of Windows Azure Pack (WAP) infrastructure services (IaaS), which bring Microsoft Azure technologies to your data center (on your hardware) and build on the power of Windows Server and System Center to deliver an enterprise-class, cost-effective solution for self-service, multitenant cloud infrastructure and application services.

Watch Microsoft's leading experts as they focus on the infrastructure services from WAP, including self-service and automation of virtual machine roles, virtual networking, clouds, plans, and more. See helpful demos, and hear examples that can help speed up your journey to the cloud.

Instructor | ​ Andrew Zeller– ​Microsoft Senior Technical Program Manager; Symon Perriman - Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist; Joe Levy - Microsoft Program Manager; Shriram Natarajan – Microsoft Program Manager; John Ballard – Microsoft Principal Program Manager; Vybava Ramadoss - Microsoft Program Manager;
Anshuman Nangia - Microsoft Program Manager