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Windows 8.1 To Go

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Today's workforce is more and more mobile. If you are interested in the latest mobility solutions, check out this on-demand course on Windows To Go, which supports ultra-mobile workstyles through a bootable USB that turns almost any PC into a secure Windows 8 corporate PC—without requiring network connectivity. And it's easy to use, since there are no special skills required to operate the drive. You'll see that Windows To Go is a full fidelity desktop that includes Windows 8 touch, virtualization technologies, secure connection via DirectAccess, and data encryption with BitLocker.

Watch this on-demand Jump Start, and see how, with Windows To Go, IT can offer a new, secure deployment model for its highly mobile workforce.

Instructor | Craig Ashley – Microsoft Senior Product Manager; Aaron Czechowski ​– Microsoft Senior Program Manager, Michael Raymond –​ Microsoft Software Development & Test Engineer