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Virtualizing & Managing SQL Server Microsoft Cloud Platform

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As customers move past virtualizing their less critical systems and move onto the more powerful, more demanding, more mission-critical systems, it is very important that they have confidence that virtualization can provide what was previously available in the physical world. Performance is one of the key considerations to virtualizing these kind of workloads, and with the performance testing by ESG, along with the key scale and performance capabilities in Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V, it's clear that customers can successfully virtualize those workloads, without sacrifices, on a cost-effective virtualization platform.

In this course, take that transformative journey and get tips to help you take advantage of new innovations which can help give you what you need to transform IT to deliver the business services that enable value—from infrastructure, to data, to apps and devices. The Microsoft solution to enabling this is the Cloud OS, our vision of the unified platform.

Instructor | ​ ​Matt McSpirit – Microsoft Senior Technical Product Manager