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SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines Jump Start

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If you're wondering how to use Windows Azure as a hosting environment for your SQL Server virtual machines (VMs), join the experts as they walk you through it, with practical, real-world demos. SQL Server in Windows Azure VM is an easy and full-featured way to be up and running in 10 minutes with a database server in the cloud. You use it on demand and pay as you go, and you get the full functionality of your own data center. For short-term test environments, it is a popular choice. SQL Server in Azure VM also includes pre-built data warehouse images and business intelligence features. Take this opportunity to learn more about it.

Instructor | Darmadi Komo – Microsoft Senior Technical Product Manager; Luis Carlos Vargas Herring – Microsoft Senior Program Manager; Xin Jin – Microsoft Program Manager; Olivier Matrat – Microsoft Principal Program Manager Lead