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SQL Server Essentials for Oracle DBAs Jump Start

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This course is scheduled to be retired on APR 30, 2015.

This course helps Oracle database administrators (DBAs) leverage their skills and experience as an Oracle DBA to manage a SQL Server 2012 system. This Microsoft SQL Training workshop provides a quick start for the Oracle DBA to map, compare and contrast the realm of Oracle database management to SQL Server 2012 database management. While it is intended to be delivered as a four-day workshop, the content in its entirety is a reference guide rather than a mere guideline. The content is a comprehensive course with descriptive reference material while the course itself focuses on introducing the concepts and providing hands-on learning. This course has been developed to extend the terminologies familiar to the Oracle DBA and relate those terminologies to the SQL Server world. The philosophy has not been to present a straight one-to-one mapping of “here is Oracle and here is SQL Server.” The approach is one of relate-and-learn based on relating the knowledge and experience you have gained in administering Oracle databases to the knowledge you will learn about administering SQL Server databases. At a fundamental level, Oracle and SQL Server are very similar. Their architectures are comparable, and their administrative features and functions are typical to a relational database management system.

Instructor | SQL Server Certified Master - Maciej Pilecki

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