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Software Testing with Visual Studio 2012 Jump Start

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Watch this Jump Start to improve how your team manages test coverage to better mitigate issues throughout your organization’s development process or to prepare for Exam 70-497, a key exam in the MCSD: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) certification. Leverage the tools built into Visual Studio 2012 to track back work items and test cases to business goals and measurable requirements, and make testing a valuable part of your ALM. Join Steven Borg, Co-founder/Strategist at Northwest Cadence, and Anthony Borton, Lead ALM Consultant for Enhance ALM Pty Ltd, for a fast-paced Jump Start tailored for seasoned testers and developers looking to put these skills to use right away.

Instructor | Anthony Borton - ALM MVP & Scrum Developer Trainer; Steven Borg - Co-Founder and Strategist of Northwest Cadence

Associated Exam | Exam 70-497: Software Testing with Visual Studio 2012
Related Certification |  MCSD: Application Lifecycle Management