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Porting Unity games to Windows 8.1 & Windows Phone

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This course will be retired on DEC 22, 2015 and replaced with Porting Unity Games to Windows Store and Windows Phone

Unity game developers, learn how to increase your income and your customer base by bringing your existing Unity game to the Windows and Windows Phone platforms—for free! You’ll see how easy it is to customize your app to take advantage of built-in Windows 8.1 features. For example, increase user interaction by using Share, and bring users back to your game by updating Live Tiles with the latest high scores or gamer info. If you already have a Unity game in another store and you want to increase downloads and revenue by adding it to the Windows stores, this is where you’ll learn how to do it.

Instructors | Michael "Mickey" Macdonald – Microsoft Technical Evangelist; Bryan Griffiths - triOS College Software Engineer

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