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Enterprise Mobility Immersion V3.1

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Level 200
09 May 2014
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Are you interested in how the Microsoft Cloud OS vision can positively benefit the way your entire organization functions? Learn how the key tenets of people-centric IT can provide many benefits to enterprise IT. This course walks you through the key steps and technology capabilities in planning, deploying, and managing this type of environment.
Take this on-demand course, and get familiar with the specific experiences and stories that are portrayed in the People-centric IT Immersion. Plus, gain a 200-level technical understanding of the associated technologies.
Instructor | Morgan Simental – Microsoft Product Marketing Manager; Aileen Hannah – Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager; Martin Booth – Microsoft Senior Technical Product Manager; Simon May – Microsoft Technical Evangelist; Demi Albuz – Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager; Pragya Pandey – Microsoft Technical Product Manager