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Open Source Questions Answered

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Developers, are you curious about open source software (OSS) and Microsoft's role in this pivotal trend? We know everyone is talking about OSS, and everyone has questions. So we asked the experts and got tons of helpful information! Watch host Richard Campbell, of .NET Rocks! fame, as he interviews top open source experts, and find out what the big deal is!

Watch these sessions to hear about OSS as a significant part of Microsoft's offerings, and explore what this means for developers, open source enthusiasts, and perhaps most significantly, for open source neophytes. Learn about working the OSS way and how it can help you work better. And hear about managing projects with GitHub, explore the culture of OSS, find out what OSS means for Microsoft Azure, and much more.
Instructors |   Phil Haack – GitHub, Developer;  Ross Gardler - Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist; Scott Hunter - Microsoft Azure, Principal Program Manager; Keith Dahlby – MVP; Richard Campbell - Campbell & Associates, President and MVP; Jay Schmelzer - Microsoft Visual Studio Team, Director of Program Management; Gianugo Rabellino - Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., Senior Director of Open Source Communities; Cliff Allen - Microsoft Senior Attorney