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Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals – VDI

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This course is retired and is replaced by Microsoft Virtualization: VMware Professionals.

Centralizing desktops and client computers is an increasingly important consideration for all IT departments as they begin to evaluate Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Using VDI a part of Microsoft Virtualization to consolidate maintenance activities reduces the time which end-users must spend on OS and application deployment, configuration, patching and compliance, while decreasing hardware costs through virtualized resource pooling and sharing. The VDI course provides a deep-dive into VDI planning and solutions as the final section in the three track program covering Microsoft Virtualization. Learn about when to use VDI, planning considerations, desktop models, Windows 7 integration, application delivery, user state virtualization and comparisons to other technologies. Explore how Microsoft’s v-Alliance partnership with Citrix strengthens and broadens the VDI offerings. Upon completing this course you will be able to understand, plan and deploy the appropriate VDI solution for your business.