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Microsoft Solution Accelerators for the Datacenter and Private Cloud

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The Microsoft Solution Accelerators (SAs) are free out-of-band tools and utilities which can be downloaded to enhance existing Microsoft technologies. This Microsoft private cloud course provides an overview of six of the most common SAs used in datacenters, highly virtualized environments and private clouds. The Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) will analyze and help configure the environment. The SCVMM Self-Service Portal (SSP) and Virtual Machine Servicing Tool (VMST) provide enhanced management for Hyper-V virtual machines. The Security & Compliance Manger (SCM) and Data Classification Toolkit (DCT) help maintain a healthy and secure environment. By the end of this course you will have a new set of tools you can utilize to plan, deploy, manage and secure your virtualized datacenter or Private Cloud infrastructure.