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Microsoft PDW: Modern Data Warehouse with Big Data Analytics (aka APS)

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Watch Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) Architect Brian Walker and SQL Server BI Expert Sanjay Soni as they explore the details of the Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS)—the logical next step in the evolution of your data warehouse. APS is a turnkey big data analytics appliance, combining a high-performance massively parallel processing (MPP) SQL Server data warehouse with Hadoop into a single solution which offers seamless integration for all of your data and which can improve your data loading and query response time as much as 100x beyond legacy solutions. It enables querying of structured and unstructured data with simplicity and speed, using standard SQL queries. The solution even tackles your big data and business intelligence needs.

Watch the experts in this informative and demo-rich Jump Start, and learn to create the insights your business needs without massive and expensive system redesigns.

Instructor | Brian Walker - Architect, PDW Center of Excellence/Microsoft; Sanjay Soni - Senior Technical Product Manager, SQL Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing/Microsoft

Course owner: Dean Of Colleges
01 | Introduction to APS: The Turnkey Modern Data Warehouse ...
9 Points -  Level 200
02 | Hardware Overview
9 Points -  Level 200
03 | Software and Tools Overview and BI Integration
9 Points -  Level 200
04 | Data Distribution Theory
9 Points -  Level 200
05 | Data Loading
9 Points -  Level 200
06 | Column Store and Workload Management
9 Points -  Level 200
07 | PolyBase Overview
9 Points -  Level 200
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