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Microsoft Corporate BI and SAP BI Integration Jump Start

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So much data. So many users. What's an IT pro to do? Self-service business intelligence (BI) frees users to mine data like never before. And IT BI professionals support their efforts with analyses, reports, and dashboards. But how can business and IT teams work together for a more holistic approach? Many organizations are turning to Microsoft BI tools, which bring you the next generation of data visualization and monitoring with Power BI, Power Query, and Power View in Excel. And Microsoft recently announced a new add-in to connect with SAP BusinessObjects BI, offering even greater reliability, insights, and governance.

Watch this half-day session as Sanjay Soni, Microsoft Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, highlights learnings from his eight years of experience delivering Microsoft self-service BI for business users. Sanjay has been a popular presenter for more than 15 years, and he is known for his passion and enthusiasm. He and other experts explore fascinating real-world case studies, including how BI helps Microsoft to fight cybercrime and to deliver business insights to worldwide Microsoft sellers. This Jump Start offers a lively discussion and practical tips to help you go beyond the same old reports, build visual models, and collaborate with your users.

InstructorSanjay Soni – Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager/Microsoft; Christoph Schuler – Principal Consultant/ Connected ERP; Juergen Thomas - Principal PM Lead; Kasper de Jonge - Senior Program Manager/Microsoft; Justin Martinson - Senior Product Marketing Manager/Microsoft