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Microsoft Azure Developer Camp: Move LOB Apps to the Cloud

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Do you have existing .NET line of business (LOB) applications to modernize and move into the cloud? Watch our experts, who have decades of experience, as they teach you how and why to do just that. They cover more advanced topics, too, including how to secure your database and services with Active Directory and how to build a modern enterprise client for your application.

Watch the "James Bond of Microsoft" and one of the organizers of the SoCal and LA Code Camps for an informative and entertaining session. Sign up for the free Microsoft Azure trial so you can follow the demos during the Camp and gain the critical skills that all modern developers need to know.

Instructor | Bruno Terkaly - Microsoft Principal Technical Evangelist; Bret Stateham - Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist

Course owner: Dean Of Colleges
01 | Overview of the Modern Microsoft Platform
9 Points -  Level 300
02 | What Is a Service Architecture?
9 Points -  Level 300
03 | Move to the Cloud
9 Points -  Level 300
04 | Build Modern-Looking Apps
9 Points -  Level 300
05 | Build for Multiple Devices
9 Points -  Level 300
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1 Points -  Level 300
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