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MDOP User Experience Virtualization Deep Dive

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Level 300
04 Aug 2014
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​In this course, we explore how MDOP provides users with access to virtually any application anywhere. We show how App-V makes it easier to provision LOB or productivity apps to mobile users across their Windows PC devices. We describe how App-V helps you transform desktop applications into a centrally managed service that keeps users productive with on-demand applications while making it easy for you to deploy and service applications throughout the lifecycle. Find out how you can use User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) to change the device yet keep the experience.

App-V makes it easier to give mobile users access to their unique profiles, data, and settings across their Windows PC devices. It provides users with a consistent, personal, Windows experience that matches their unique work style, while making it easy for you to deliver this user-defined experience across many devices.

Instructor | ​ Ronald Dockery - ​Senior Product Marketing Manager; Steve Thomas – Principal Development Manager