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Introduction to Systems Management & Service Delivery

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This course is scheduled to be retired on APR 30, 2015.

Many companies struggle with managing a wide range of disparate, disjointed systems. It prevents them ever getting a holistic view of their IT and limits their options. In this MVA training course, we introduce the concept of joined-up, or ‘integrated’, systems management and show how it can help address many of the issues IT professionals and developers face today.
In this introductory session we've co-created with analysts at Freeform Dynamics, you’ll learn:

  • Why today’s companies are spending too much time and money trying to manage their systems
  • How this is limiting their ability to adapt to changing circumstances
  • The three core approaches currently in use
  • Why it’s just as important to change attitudes as it is to change systems
  • What moving to a service-centric approach means and what it offers the business
  • How System Center 2012 can offer the critical systems management capabilities today’s companies need

This track consists of three main parts, and will take you approximately one hour to complete.