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Introduction to Microsoft Virtualisation

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This course is retired and is replaced by Introduction to Hyper-V Jump Start.

Increasingly, companies are moving away from the traditional infrastructure and workflows of physical computing to take advantage of the benefits of virtualisation. In this MVA track we've co-created with analysts at Freeform Dynamics, we introduce the concept of virtualisation and its practical applications. We also look at consolidation, and the way various virtualisation solutions are implemented in both the public and private clouds. In this introductory session, you’ll learn:  

  • The origins of virtualisation
  • How hypervisors work with guest operating systems
  • The advantages and potential pitfalls of consolidation
  • How virtualisation balances workloads and makes maintenance tasks easier
  • How all of IT is affected by virtualisation
  • Which kind of systems are best to virtualise

This track consists of three main parts, and will take you approximately one hour to complete.