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Hybrid Cloud Workloads-Websites

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Hybrid cloud, the use and building of applications that connect to data and services across a mix of data centers, is the reality for cloud computing today. Watch this informative training course to get the details, and learn how  your businesses and applications will move to the cloud in their own unique way, at their own unique speed. To support this change, you need a cloud solution that provides the necessary flexibility for the different ways you will architect, develop, and deploy your applications and IT solutions, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or a mix of both. Watch as the experts describe and demonstrate website deployment using a combination of Microsoft Azure and the Azure Pack for Windows Server.
Instructor |  Andrew McMurray  – Microsoft Senior IT Pro Evangelist

  • 01 | Introduction to Microsoft Azure Web Sites

  • 02 | Creating a Website in Microsoft Azure

  • 03 | Creating a Website in Azure Pack for Windows Server

  • 04 | Monitoring a Website in Microsoft Azure

  • 05 | Monitoring a Website with System Center 2012

  • 06 | Managing a Website in the Hybrid Cloud

  • Recommended Resources & Next Steps