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Hybrid Cloud Workloads: Storage and Backup

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As you may know, Microsoft is becoming a "devices & services" company. And devices can mean more than phones, tablets, and consumer services. They can also be data center infrastructure products. The same way that client/server architectures reshaped enterprise computing in the '90s, device and service designs will change the future of enterprise IT.

The broad interest in software-defined networking (SDN) shows how eager customers and vendors are to integrate on-premises devices (both real and virtual) with centralized management services. Why? To respond faster to changes and to increase the utilization of the physical infrastructure.  

This course introduces you to strategies and features of both on-premises and cloud solutions in the area of storage from Microsoft, along with some hands-on experiences. 

Instructor | ​ Andrew McMurray  – Microsoft Senior IT Pro Evangelist

  • 01 | Storage On-Prem Innovations

  • 02 | Storage in the Public Cloud

  • 03 | Hybrid Cloud Storage with StorSimple

  • 04 | Windows Azure Backup

  • 05 | Hybrid Backup DPM

  • 06 | Hybrid Data Protection - StorSimple

  • Recommended Resources & Next Steps