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Hybrid Cloud Workloads SQL

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IT Pros know that most applications have some key challenges, such as high efficiency, business value, complex hardware configurations, massive peaks on demand, or complying with industry and corporate regulations. Given all of these factors, building an enterprise-grade technology can be very challenging.

Watch this training session, and learn how Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Strategy provides support for traditional, private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud environments to overcome these key challenges. When your business requires a flexible IT infrastructure that can scale on demand, you can build a private cloud in your data center or a public cloud in Microsoft Azure global data centers. When you extend your data center to meet the public cloud, you build a hybrid cloud model. This course examines how to deploy and manage SQL databases in a hybrid cloud environment.

Instructor |  Andrew McMurray  – Microsoft Senior IT Pro Evangelist

  • 01 | Introduction to Microsoft Azure SQL

  • 02 | Creating a Database in Microsoft Azure

  • 03 | Creating a Database in Azure Pack for Windows Server

  • 04 | Monitoring a Database in Microsoft Azure

  • 05 | Monitoring a Database with System Center

  • 06 | Managing a Database in the Hybrid Cloud

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