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Hybrid Cloud Workloads: Disaster Recovery and High Availability

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Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager protects applications by coordinating the replication of virtual machines (VMs) at a secondary location. In this course, explore how Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager brings together Hyper-V Replica asynchronous virtual machine replication capabilities in Windows Server and the Virtual Machine Manager component of System Center, and how it combines them with the power of Microsoft Azure to provide site-to-site protection of your virtual machines and private clouds. This includes remote health monitoring and orchestrated recovery. The course examines other features that help with disaster recovery and high availability in a hybrid cloud environment.

Instructor |  Andrew McMurray  – Microsoft Senior IT Pro Evangelist

  • 01 | Disaster Recovery in the Cloud with Hyper-V Recovery Manager

  • 02 | Disaster Recovery in the Cloud with Hyper-V Backup and Replica

  • 03 | Keeping the Lights on with Hyper-V LM

  • 04 | Hyper-V Clustering

  • 05 | DCIM and Putting It All Together

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