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Fundamentals of Lean Software Delivery Jump Start

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Have you ever wondered why agile works? Do you want to go beyond the Agile Manifesto and examine the theoretical underpinnings of the agile movement? Want to know what to do when the "industry standard" agile practice fails to have the desired effect in your organization? We've been there, too. Find answers in this course, the third in our "ALM Wednesdays" series.

Get the facts on lean software development. Join experts Steven Borg and Andrew Clear, of Northwest Cadence, as they go beyond the rhetoric and offer practical tips that your team can implement today. They examine some of the core principles behind the agile and lean movements, along with the economics that support them. This discussion establishes the groundwork for the techniques that help you make intelligent economic tradeoffs in your own systems to optimize value flow to your stakeholders. Because in the end, getting value to your stakeholders is what this is all about.

Instructor | Steven Borg - Northwest Cadence Co-Founder and Strategist; Andrew Clear - Northwest Cadence ALM Consultant

Course owner: Dean Of Colleges
01 | Introduction to Lean Product Development
9 Points -  Level 100
02 | Economics over Emotion
9 Points -  Level 100
03 | Value Flow over Resource Utilization
9 Points -  Level 100
04 | System over Individual Optimization
9 Points -  Level 100
05 | Decentralized Decision Making over Command and Control
9 Points -  Level 100
06 | Feedback Loops
8 Points -  Level 100
07 | Managing Queues
9 Points -  Level 100
08 | Batch Sizes
8 Points -  Level 100
09 | Kanban
9 Points -  Level 100
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1 Points -  Level 100
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