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Faster Insights to Data with Power BI Jump Start

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Are you a power Excel user? If you're trying to make sense of ever-growing piles of data, and you're into data discovery, visualization, and collaboration, get ready for Power BI. Excel, always great for analyzing data, is now even more powerful with Power BI for Office 365. Watch this Jump Start, and learn about the tools you need to provide faster data insights to your organization, including Power Query, Power Map, and natural language querying. These demo-rich sessions provide a full-day drilldown into Power BI features and capabilities, led by the team of Microsoft experts who own them.

Instructor | Dandy Weyn – Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager; Michael Tejedor - Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager; Matt Masson – Microsoft Senior Program Manager; Alex Kelly – Microsoft Program Manager; Ari Schorr - Microsoft Product Marketing Manager; Adam Wilson – Microsoft Program Manager; Majdi Badarin – Microsoft Principal Lead Program Manager; Sandy Rivas – Microsoft Program Manager