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Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps using C# Jump Start

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This course is retired and is replaced by Windows Store App Development Essentials with C# Refresh.

This Jump Start covers Developing Windows Store Apps using C#. In typical Jump Start fashion it is filled with lots of demos and fun. Microsoft Technical Evangelist Jerry Nixon and the co-founder of Crank211, Daren May, craft sample after sample in real time to show simple and complex techniques you can take back to your workplace. Because this course loosely follows the criteria for exam 70-484, it is tailored for intermediary to seasoned developers looking to create Windows Store Apps. It provides an overview on creating the User Interface layout and structure using XAML, how to implement the AppBar and layout controls, how to deploy a Windows Store app to the Windows Store or an enterprise store, and much more…

Instructors | Jerry Nixon | Microsoft Developer Evangelist; Daren May | President & Co-founder, Crank211

Associated Exam | Exam 70-484: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps using C#  
Related Certification | MCSD: Windows Store Apps
Associated Course | Course 20484: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C#