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Enterprise Agility Is Not an Oxymoron Jump Start

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What defines an agile enterprise? Agile dev? Agile engineering? Enterprise agility should be driven and defined by your business. Agility allows you to be more responsive and more innovative, which makes you more competitive.

In this session, the fourth in our "ALM Wednesdays" series, experts Steven Borg and Andrew Clear, of Northwest Cadence, show you how to scale up proven practices for team agility into a vision that makes sense to the CTO, CIO, and CEO. They discuss the specific business advantages of agility and the mental shifts needed to make it work, how to enable innovation, speed delivery, and more. Don't miss this opportunity to get practical tips on enterprise agility.

Instructor | Steven Borg - Northwest Cadence Co-Founder and Strategist; Andrew Clear - Northwest Cadence ALM Consultant