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DevOps - Visual Studio Release Management Jump Start

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​Does your organization release software manually, with time-consuming outages and difficult processes? Do you lack project-to-project standards, or do you have different processes for different environments? These challenges in releasing software can threaten the bottom line. Continuous delivery is quickly becoming the standard to resolve these issues. But how do you implement that standard?

Join Microsoft experts in the fifth event of our popular “ALM Wednesdays” series, as they equip users of Visual Studio ALM with the necessary skills to build an effective release pipeline with the Release Management functionality provided by Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server. DevOps principles stress collaboration, and Visual Studio ALM offers the ability to bring IT and Dev together to create predictable, efficient releases.

 Instructor | Micheal Learned - Microsoft Senior Premier Field Engineer; Krithika Sambamoorthy - Microsoft Senior Premier Field Engineer