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DevOps: An IT Pro Guide

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DevOps is one of the most written-about terms in the world of agile development and continuous delivery. Watch this session, and explore the critical role that the IT Professional plays in DevOps. From this foundational event, learn how DevOps can help you accelerate delivery of software and updates, optimize resources, and reduce mean time to repair.

The event is hosted by DevOps expert David Tesar and IT Pro Evangelist Morgan Webb. Hear how to build and grow a high-trust relationship between the Business, Development, and Operations teams throughout all phases of Application Lifecycle Management.

This half-day session explores relevant high-level, on-premises, and public cloud scenarios, highlighting System Center, Azure, and Visual Studio Online technologies. Check out this transformative Jump Start!

Instructor | David Tesar – Program Manager/Microsoft; Morgan Webb - IT Pro Evangelist/Microsoft