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Developing Universal Windows Apps with C# and XAML

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Get real-world guidance for developing universal Windows apps, and save yourself valuable time when creating apps for today’s mobile workforce and consumer marketplace. Learn from Microsoft experts as they build a working app using tools and techniques that can give you a dramatic advantage as a developer targeting both Windows and Windows Phone devices. See what's smart to share and what's not, when developing for the two platforms. Explore a broad range of features, covering both consumer and enterprise scenarios.

Jerry Nixon and Daren May bring together best practices and key insights from Microsoft internal teams, including the built-in code-generation tools in Visual Studio that can automatically build out hundreds of classes and thousands of lines of code. Check the module list to find the topics that interest you.

For sample code used throughout this course, please visit: https://xaml.codeplex.com/

Instructors |  Jerry Nixon -  Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist; Daren May - Crank211 LLC President