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Data Insights Immersion

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Discover a complete hands-on immersive experience demonstrating the Microsoft Data Insights platform as a key component of the Microsoft Cloud OS strategy. In this structured set of labs, students will walk through various components of the Microsoft data platform, including hands-on experience with SQL Server relational databases, Windows Azure SQL Database, Azure HD Insight (Hadoop/Big Data), and Microsoft Power BI tools within Excel.

Instructors | Gregory Leake – Microsoft Director, Technical Product Management for SQL; Vanessa Bucher – Microsoft Senior Project Marketing Manager; Russell Bowden - Technical Architect/Intergen LLC; Zena Heywood - Microsoft Senior Project Marketing Manager

Course owner: Dean Of Colleges
01 | Introduction and Overview on the Cloud OS and Data Insi...
4 Points -  Level 200
02 | Evolve Experience: Structured Data—Creating Resiliency ...
18 Points -  Level 200
03 | Evolve Experience: Unstructured Data—Infrastructure and...
18 Points -  Level 200
04 | Evolve Experience: Combining Data—Collating and Tabular...
18 Points -  Level 200
05 | Evolve Experience: Gaining Insight—Data Visualization a...
18 Points -  Level 200
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