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Building Business Apps with Visual Studio Lightswitch

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This course is scheduled to be retired on Dec 15, 2014.

Do you think building business applications requires hours of effort and big development teams? This App development training course introduces Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch, the simplified, self-service development tool that enables you to build those business applications you need, quickly and easily for the desktop and cloud. These 5 modules will step you through Visual Studio LightSwitch and have you creating a business application by the end of module 2. After completing all 5 modules, you will have seen how to create an application, connect to and use data, make your application interface more friendly and also see how to extend Visual Studio LightSwitch.

What is Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch?
7 Points -  Level 200
Quickly Build Business Apps
7 Points -  Level 200
Get More from Your Data
7 Points -  Level 200
Wow Your End Users
7 Points -  Level 200
Make Your Apps Do More with Less Work
7 Points -  Level 200
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