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Building Blocks: iOS, Android, Windows (Extend)

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Wondering how to build a successful mobile app and smart device strategy? Watch this final event in our popular "Building Blocks" series, and learn how to do just that. Miranda Luna and a team of seasoned experts provide tips on the right way to build cloud-connected iOS, Android, and Windows apps, along with how to add a mobile layer to your existing enterprise apps. They also cover how to improve the way you use push notifications in your apps today. Finally, they get you up and running with how to use Azure Service Bus for messaging in smart devices and sensors. Gain from their real-world experience, and take it mobile today!

Instructor | Miranda Luna – Microsoft Product Manager; Kirill Gavrylyuk – Microsoft Principal Program Manager Lead; Elio Damaggio – Microsoft Program Manager; Abhishek Lal – Microsoft Senior Program Manager; Yavor Georgiev - Microsoft Senior Program Manager