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Breakthrough Insights using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - Scalable data warehouse

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​Every IT Professional and Business Decision maker looks for ways to understand their organization's data in ways that enable them to provide insights to their business. This course is designed to show you how Microsoft SQL Server 2012 can do just that. The 7 modules of this course will teach you:

- What's new in Microsoft StreamInsight
- Symmetric Multiprocessing to Parallel Data Warehouse
- Using columnstore technology to revolutionize your query performance
- SQL Server Integration Services
- SQL Server Fast Track for data warehouse for dramatic speed improvements
- Going beyond relational data management into the realm of unstructured and spatial data management

You will learn how Microsoft is teaming up with our hardware partners to provide best practices for SQL Server deployment and how SQL Server 2012 will allow you to create a scalable data warehouse that will give you breakthrough insights to even your unstructured data.

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