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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 training : Reporting Services

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Having a comprehensive database solution is important to any organization but being able to report out on the data and visualize it in ways that provide breakthrough insights is even better. This Microsoft SQL server training course is designed for IT professionals understand how to implement the new features of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 that will enable them to provide insightful and visual reports. The 9 modules of this Microsoft SQL training course will teach you:

- Introduce you to Self-Service Alerting
- What’s new in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services and PowerPivot
- How to use Power View for insightful visual reports
- How to build great Business Intelligence Semantic Models for Power View
- Deploying and managing PowerPivot in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for SharePoint
- A Deeper understanding of PowerPivot in Microsoft SQL Server 2012
- How to install and configure Reporting Services in SharePoint Integration mode
- An overview of Reporting Services in Microsoft SQL Azure
- What's new Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services

You will learn how to gain valuable insights from the reports that you create, how to create interactive visual reports and presentations as well as how to move on-premise reports to the cloud using SQL Azure Reporting tools.

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