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Bing Search Engine Optimization Jump Start

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Web professionals and cloud developers, whether you have a well-established website or you are starting a new business, this Bing search engine optimization (SEO) Jump Start training can help you achieve your goal of driving more traffic to your site. It can also help prepare you for a Bing Ads Accredited Professional certification. The second in a set of two, this Jump Start teaches you search engine marketing (SEM) best practices, the value of a proper keyword search, and more, all from SEO and SEM pros.

Watch industry experts Alan Amerault and Bethany Bey from Cardinal Path, a recognized leader in online marketing training, which works with Fortune 500 companies, and Dalip Tyagi from Bing Ads, as they explore the Bing Ads framework and provide you with tips and tools to help improve your search marketing ROI.

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Instructor | Dalip Tyagi – Head, SMB Agency Audience Marketing/ Bing Ads; Alan Amerault - Associate Director/ Cardinal Path; Bethany Bey - Digital Marketing Consultant/ Cardinal Path

Course owner: Dean Of Colleges
01 | Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
9 Points -  Level 200
02 | Importance of Keywords and Keyword Research
9 Points -  Level 200
03 | On-Page Content Planning and Organization
9 Points -  Level 200
04 | Overview of Technical SEO Issues and Tools
9 Points -  Level 200
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1 Points -  Level 200
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