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Architecture in Practice

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Enterprise architects, solution architects, and business analysts can all benefit from this training, which shows how the Microsoft platform supports the transformation that many organizations seek. Aligned with industry best practices and proven approaches for architecture, this on-demand course gives a capability-based overview to show how organizations can modernize their applications, transform their data centers, and enable people-centric IT.

Instructor | Sandy Sharma - Advaiya Inc. Executive Chairman

Course owner: Dean Of Colleges
01 | Overview
3 Points -  Level 200
02 | Business Concerns and Opportunity Discovery
9 Points -  Level 200
03 | Building Blocks: Enable Modern Business Applications
9 Points -  Level 200
04 | Building Blocks: Unlock Data Insights
33 Points -  Level 200
05 | Building Blocks: Transform the Data Center
4 Points -  Level 200
06 | Building Blocks: Empower People-Centric IT
9 Points -  Level 200
07 | Design the Solution Vision and Road Map
3 Points -  Level 200
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