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Administering Visual Studio TFS 2012 Jump Start

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Learn how to make Team Foundation Server (TFS) better serve your team processes and the ways you communicate, with this course which follows the criteria for Exam 70-496, an important component of the MCSD: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) certification. The person who sets up and customizes TFS infrastructure can learn how to better define the types of work items available and their attributes to fully leverage the Visual Studio TFS platform for ALM.

Join two leading experts for this full day of training, as Steven Borg of Northwest Cadence and Anthony Borton of Enhance ALM Pty Ltd provide numerous examples, scenarios, and demos.

Instructor | Anthony Borton - ALM MVP & Scrum Developer Trainer; Steven Borg - Co-Founder and Strategist of Northwest Cadence

Associated Exam | Exam 70-496: Administering Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012
Related Certification | MCSD: Application Lifecycle Management