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Microsoft Azure Developer Camp

Want to quickly build and deploy apps to the cloud? Or learn to move existing .NET line of business (LOB) apps there? Learn how from entertaining and informative experts Bruno Terkaly, the “James Bond of Microsoft,” and the popular Bret Stateham, organizer of the SoCal and LA Code Camps. They speak your language, including .NET, node.js, PHP, Python, and more. Sign up now, and be sure to get the free Microsoft Azure trial so you can follow the demos.

April 23, 2014 9:00am-1:30pm PDT

Developers, do you want to quickly build and deploy apps to the cloud? Join this Developer Camp, explore the latest Microsoft Azure development tools and technologies, and leave with code running in the cloud!

Learn from entertaining and informative experts, who start with the basics and ramp up to more advanced topics. An organizer of SoCal and LA Code Camps teams up with the "James Bond of Microsoft" to help you to build your first cloud-native app, deploy it into an auto-management environment, and configure single sign-on. Plus, they speak your language, including .NET, node.js, PHP, Python, and more.

Sign up for the free Microsoft Azure trial so you can follow the demos during the Camp, and get ready to create infrastructure at the "speed of code."

April 24, 2014 9:00am-3pm PDT

Do you have existing .NET line of business (LOB) applications to modernize and move into the cloud? Join our experts, who have decades of experience, as they teach you how and why to do just that. They cover more advanced topics, too, including how to secure your database and services with Active Directory and how to build a modern enterprise client for your application.

Join the "James Bond of Microsoft" and one of the organizers of the SoCal and LA Code Camps for an informative and entertaining session. Sign up for the free Microsoft Azure trial so you can follow the demos during the Camp and gain the critical skills that all modern developers need to know.

9-5 PDT (days 1 & 2), 9-12 PDT (day 3) April 29-May 1, 2014

If you're a .NET or Silverlight app developer who wants to design and build Windows Phone 8.1 apps using XAML and C#, don't miss this exciting event. Learn all you need to get started building apps for Windows Phone 8.1 and universal apps targeting both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1. Sign up now to make your apps world-ready!

(To prepare for the course, download the Windows Phone SDK, which includes all the tools you need to get started. And check out the Windows Phone sessions from Build 2014

9:00am-5:00pm PDT April 29, 2014

If you have a great data warehouse built on SQL Server 2012 and need to scale out and speed up to meet business insight needs, join Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) experts to get the details on PDW—a massively parallel processing appliance which can improve your data loading and query response time as much as 100x. It even tackles your Big Data and business intelligence needs and joins Hadoop and relational data—without expensive system redesigns.

9:00am-1:00pm PDT April 30, 2014

So much data. So many users. What's an IT Pro to do? In this full-day session, Sanjay Soni, Microsoft Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, highlights the latest in self-service BI tools and technology, including the recently announced a new add-in to connect with SAP BusinessObjects BI, offering even greater reliability, insights, and governance. Learn to beyond the same old reports, build visual models, and collaborate with your user, in this informative Jump Start.

9:00am-2:00pm PDT May 7, 2014

What can DevOps for IT Pros do for you and your organization? For starters, it can help you accelerate delivery of software and updates, optimize resources, reduce mean time to repair, improve application quality, and even bolster your career. Want to hear more? Join DevOps Expert David Tesar and IT Pro Evangelist Morgan Webb for a high-level session. They explore high-level, on-premises, and public cloud scenarios, highlighting System Center, Azure, and Visual Studio Online technologies. Bring your questions!

9:00am-5:00pm PDT May 8, 2014

If you're interested in security and want to protect your data in the real world, join Certified Ethical Hacker Erdal Ozkaya and Premier Field Engineer Milad Aslaner as they share entertaining demos and practical applications to show how Windows 8.1 addresses security as a whole system, one layer at a time. Don't miss this lively and informative look at how to stop hackers and malware engineers.


Get Windows Azure Training on essentials of Security that covers security protection included at every layer. We cover the security mechanisms included with Windows Azure at the physical, network, host, application, and data layers. Furthermore, get a basic understanding of some of the identity options you have to authenticate to Windows Azure.

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Do you think building business applications requires hours of effort and big development teams? This App development training course introduces Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch, the simplified, self-service development tool that enables you to build those business applications you need, quickly and easily for the desktop and cloud. These 5 modules will step you through Visual Studio LightSwitch and have you creating a business application by the end of module 2. After completing all 5 modules, you will have seen how to create an application, connect to and use data, make your application interface more friendly and also see how to extend Visual Studio LightSwitch.

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This course focuses on how using System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 can help your business build, deploy, and maintain a private cloud. After completing these three modules you will have learnt about the Virtual Machine Manager 2012 product, and the features it utilizes to build and support the virtualized and physical resources that are part of your private cloud infrastructure. The course will also expose you to cloud computing at the business level, from the perspective of Virtual Machine Manager 2012, and show how to extend that knowledge to the technical level. The last module will show you how to manage applications within your private cloud using Virtual Machine Manager 2012 to deploy, update, and manage them. At the end, we will have illustrated how using Virtual Machine Manager 2012 as part of your private cloud infrastructure will benefit both your organization and the IT Pro.

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This course provides an overview of the new System Center 2012 Configuration Manager product.

After completing this course you will understand the features that enable System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to:-

  • Easily distribute applications to users, regardless of device or form factor.
  • Perform software updates.
  • Device management improvements.

The course will also cover how System Center 2012 Configuration Manager makes it easier to service the rapidly growing number of connected devices in your organization, such as smartphones, tablets, and virtual machines, through centralized global configuration management.

Course modules will also show you the changes that help simplify the configuration and management of the infrastructure, how to use System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to gain insight to and control IT systems through easier maintenance, improved security and simplified configuration, as well as a number of other new features and updates to self-service application delivery, integrated settings management, antivirus management, UNIX and Linux support, compliance improvements, security updates, the new GUI, and much more!

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