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9:00am–5:00pm PDT October 8, 2014

Devs, want to translate your MVC .NET skills to the web platform? Join popular presenters Stacey Mulcahy and Dave Voyles for an exploration of single page apps and a look at Visual Studio and Internet Explorer tools to add structure to your projects. Take advantage of jQuery and AngularJS, enable your content to work within a browser and within Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps, and deploy your apps to Azure.

9:00am–1:00pm PDT October 2 & 9, 2014

Do you want to build up your game portfolio with help from the experts? Join AAA game maker Bryan Griffiths and indie game designer Mickey MacDonald for this Jump Start training with live Q&A, and see how easy it is to create universal HTML5 2D games and port them to multiple platforms, using Visual Studio and free open source technology. By the end of day 2, you have a fully playable RPG.

9:00am–1:00pm PDT October 9, 2014

Developers and IT Pros, do you want to make management of Azure resources more efficient? If you want faster and more repeatable application deployments across all of your Azure environments, add to your skill set and walk through Azure resource management. Join the experts to experience the new declarative model at work, complete with templates to define and deploy your infrastructure resources.

9:00am–1:00pm PDT October 14, 2014

​If you're a developer for the Microsoft Platform and want to manage business processes using Office 365, or if you're preparing for Exam 70-488, get a high-level overview of the Office 365 development platform across the app model and APIs for Office and SharePoint developers. This course is an addition to the popular Introduction to Office 365 Development course.

9:00am–1:00pm PDT October 14, 2014

​Why DevOps, why now, and how can it help? In this Jump Start training with live Q&A, join industry experts, executives, and thought leaders, including Gene Kim of The Phoenix Project, for a deep dive into DevOps. Build your resume and confidence with DevOps details, including which tools to use and how to resource your projects, plus lots of practical tips.

9:00am–5:00pm PDT October 15, 2014

Now that you're familiar with the fundamentals (linkto: Creating SharePoint App Model Dev Environments course), take a deep dive into building apps for Office 365. See how you, as a developer, can build business solutions that live within the UI of SharePoint, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Get lots of practical tips and real-world demos, plus a close-up look at all the hooks and wires.

9:00am–5:00pm PDT October 15, 2014

Developers, if you want to play with node.js and to incorporate two-way communication into applications, join popular experts Stacey Mulcahy and Rami Sayar to see how to do just that. By the end of day, you know how to set up node.js on your Windows machine, develop a web front end with Express, deploy an Express app to Azure, use Socket.IO to add a real-time layer, and create a chatroom application.

9:00am–5:00pm PDT October 20, 2014

Devs, get a deep dive into the dev/test portion of DevOps and application lifecycle management (ALM). Join leading experts Bret Stateham, Cale Teeter, and Charles Sterling as they explore modern tools for unit testing, functional UI testing, load testing, and more. See helpful demos on debugging Azure workloads using Visual Studio, and learn about the fundamentals of source control in TFS. Don't miss it!

9:00am–5:00pm PDT October 22, 2014

Developers and designers, are you curious about "mobile first"? Trying to figure out how to deal with touch devices? If you want your web applications to work on tablets and phones and to be as friendly as possible, join Jeremy Foster and Christopher Harrison, in the fifth event in our Web Wednesdays series, for an entertaining journey through the process.

9:00am–1:00pm PDT October 16 & 23, 2014

If you have a great idea for a 3D game and you want to build it with the same open source framework used to create Assassin's Creed Pirates, don't miss this exciting event! Join the creators of Babylon.js, a free, open source gaming framework that streamlines WebGL functionality, for an entertaining deep dive into 3D game development.