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Live Events
9:00am–12:00pm PDT September 3–4, 2014

​If you are curious about open source software (OSS) and Microsoft's role in this pivotal trend, watch this on-demand course with host Richard Campbell, of .NET Rocks! fame. Richard interviews top open source experts and gets tons of helpful information! Learn about working the OSS way, explore the culture of OSS, and much more.

9:00am–3:00pm PDT September 9–10, 2014

If you want to ramp up your game-development skills, join the entertaining Adam Tuliper (of DinoBurger fame) and a team of industry experts for an awesome, two-day journey using Unity. Learn how to develop Unity Games for Windows using C# and Unity, and see why Unity is the tool of choice for millions of game developers around the world.

9:00am–4:00pm PDT September 11, 2014

If you are a Unity game developer who wants to increase your reach by bringing your existing iOS, Android, or PC games to Windows Store and Windows Phone, roll up your sleeves and join us for this practical, step-by-step deep dive into requirements, tools, Windows APIs, and must-implement Windows features. At the end of these working sessions, you can have your full game ported!

9:00am–5:00pm PDT September 23–24, 2014

If you are you brand new to coding and want to see how fun and easy it can be, check out this two-day course! Engaging experts Susan Ibach and Christopher Harrison offer an entertaining introduction to solving real-world problems using the popular programming language, Python. You will have a new skill or completed task at the end of each module, and by the end of the two days, you will be writing programs.​

9:00am–3:00pm PDT September 24, 2014

Web Devs, you have heard that ASP.NET SignalR makes developing real-time web functionality easy and how it enables bi-directional communication between server and client. In this second in the MVA Web Wednesdays series, join entertaining experts from Microsoft, Jon Galloway and Brady Gaster, start with the SignalR basics, and ramp up quickly.

9:00am–1:00pm PDT September 25, 2014

Are you interested in becoming a game creator? Want to make the next Flappy Bird? Look no further than Construct 2, a cross-platform HTML5 game creator designed specifically for 2D games. Join experts James Quick and Shahed Chowdhuri for this half-day course, and learn to build a fun and engaging 2D game in just an hour, with no previous experience, using the popular "drag-and-drop" tool.

9:00am–5:00pm September 30–October 1, 2014

Get real-world guidance on developing universal Windows apps for Windows and Windows Phone devices, as Microsoft's experts build a working app using tools and techniques that can give you a dramatic advantage as a developer.

9:00am–1:00pm PDT October 2 & 9, 2014

Do you want to build up your game portfolio with help from the experts? Join AAA game maker Bryan Griffiths and indie game designer Mickey MacDonald for this Jump Start training with live Q&A, and see how easy it is to create universal HTML5 2D games and port them to multiple platforms, using Visual Studio and free open source technology. By the end of day 2, you have a fully playable RPG.

9:00am–1:00pm PDT October 16 & 23, 2014

If you have a great idea for a 3D game and you want to build it with the same open source framework used to create Assassin's Creed Pirates, don't miss this exciting event! Join the creators of Babylon.js, a free, open source gaming framework that streamlines WebGL functionality, for an entertaining deep dive into 3D game development.


This course provides an overview of the new System Center 2012 Configuration Manager product.

After completing this course you will understand the features that enable System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to:-

  • Easily distribute applications to users, regardless of device or form factor.
  • Perform software updates.
  • Device management improvements.

The course will also cover how System Center 2012 Configuration Manager makes it easier to service the rapidly growing number of connected devices in your organization, such as smartphones, tablets, and virtual machines, through centralized global configuration management.

Course modules will also show you the changes that help simplify the configuration and management of the infrastructure, how to use System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to gain insight to and control IT systems through easier maintenance, improved security and simplified configuration, as well as a number of other new features and updates to self-service application delivery, integrated settings management, antivirus management, UNIX and Linux support, compliance improvements, security updates, the new GUI, and much more!

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