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Carlos Mac Beath
Country United States
Description Developer with over 12 years of total industry experience
Attended events
Developing SharePoint Server Core Solutions Jump Start on 10/24/2013
Using Blend to Design Your XAML UI Jump Start on 11/11/2013
Windows Store App Development Essentials with C# Refresh on 11/13/2013
What’s New in Windows® 8.1 for IT Professionals on 11/13/2013
Advanced Windows Store App Development using C# Refresh on 11/14/2013
C++: A General Purpose Language and Library Jump Start on 11/18/2013
JumpStart: Server Virt. with Server and System Center on 11/18/2013
Introduction to C++ and DirectX Game Development Jump Start on 12/4/2013
Windows 8.1 UX Design Jump Start on 12/8/2013
What's New in Visual Studio 2013 Jump Start on 12/9/2013
LeX Products Azure Week on 1/26/2014
Enterprise Agility is Not an Oxymoron Jump Start on 3/25/2014