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January 28, 2015 8:30am–9:30am PDT

If you are considering a move to the cloud, you may need to re-think your approach to all aspects of your business—including marketing, IT purchases, sales compensation, and customer relationship management. The Cloud Profitability Program (CPP) scales Microsoft insights on cloud via virtual events and on-demand resources, with the goal to help Microsoft partners build and grow their cloud practices. The program is designed for traditional and hybrid businesses, C-level and business decision makers (BDMs) at large partner organizations, and companies which deliver project-based, managed, and IP services.

The weekly Cloud Profitability web series features streaming videos to help Microsoft partners learn how to become profitable in the cloud. In addition, a cloud subject matter expert is on hand to answer live questions via a Q&A chat. The sessions take place every Wednesday at 8:30am Pacific Time. You only need to sign up once to register for the complete series. Check out the new season starting in January 2015. Watch for a reminder one day prior to each session start.

January 28, 2015 9am–5pm PST

Learn how Entity Framework (EF), a must-have for developers, can simplify your work! See how EF 6 can create databases for you, and find out how to manage that creation. Plus, explore advanced topics, like managing transactions and integrating stored procedures. And get a look forward into the improvements coming in EF 7!

January 29, 2015 9am–2pm PST

Roll up your sleeves to explore the wow factor with new gameplay, artificial intelligence (AI), and animations! Expand upon the prototype from the previous courses in the C++/DirectX Game Development series. Learn add more depth to the overall game, increase your understanding of project potential, and decide where to go from here.

February 4, 2015 9am–5pm PST

Get a good look at ASP.NET Web API technology, uses, and nuances, including token-based security features, route attributes, error handling, and versioning. See why it is the ideal way to surface APIs that target browsers and mobile devices. Whether you're brand new to the framework or you want to take your design to the next level, this course has practical information for you.

February 10, 2015 9am–3:30pm PST

​Get the guidance you need to help your organization start to build, deploy, and move websites, mobile apps, and enterprise-class apps to the cloud. Walk with renowned expert David Chappell through the most common Azure scenarios, and see the knowledgeable Bret Stateham demo new Azure features and services.

February 11, 2015 9am–5pm PST

Learn to add Cortana to your app! Explore the capabilities of the Speech SDK in Windows and Windows Phone, work with speech synthesis, check out voice commands, and find out how to build speech-enabled mobile apps with Visual Studio for Windows devices.

February 25, 2015 9am–5pm PST

Join the inventor of PowerShell and a PowerShell MVP to explore PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC), one of the fastest-moving technologies today. DSC fluency can enhance your relevancy and help you offer value to your business. Learn to write custom resources, see some action-packed demos, and much more.

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