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Live Training Events from Microsoft Virtual Academy

Live Events

September 2, 2015 9am‒5pm PDT

Learn about modules and packages, key parts of the Node.js foundation, and learn the difference between the two. See cool demos, including a detailed look at real-world packages and how they are structured. Find out how to create and consume modules, how to bundle them into a package, and how easy it is to publish to npm (the Node.js online repository).

September 9, 2015 9am‒3pm PDT

Web Devs, learn all about Knockout, a JavaScript library built to make binding data to a page easier, allowing you to focus on solving business problems rather than on the required technology. Explore how it compares with jQuery and other libraries, and see how to create a single page app from scratch. Check out cool demos, look at logic, and templates, and work with forms.

Recorded Events