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Platform for Hybrid Cloud with SQL Server 2014 Jump Start

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IT Pros, are you curious about how moving to the cloud might give your organization cost benefits, with greater scale and flexibility? But does that move sound scary? Join this group of Microsoft experts who will show you how to take that journey to the cloud one step at a time. Learn how your organization can use SQL Server 2014 to create a hybrid environment and move from an on-premises data center at your own pace.

Instructors | Evgeny Krivosheev - Microsoft Program Manager; Xin Jin - Microsoft Program Manager; George Li - Microsoft Program Manager; Luis Carlos Vargas Herring - Microsoft Program Manager; Sung Hsueh - Microsoft Program Manager; Darmadi Komo - Microsoft Marketing PM;

02 | SQL Server on Windows Azure Virtual Machines High Availability and Disaster Recovery
9 Points -  Level 200
01 | Backup to Cloud
01 | Backup to Cloud
32 Minutes
3 Points
02 | SQL Server on Windows Azure Virtual ...
02 | SQL Server on Windows Azure Virtual ...
53 Minutes
3 Points
[01:11] | 
Windows Azure VMs Overview
[16:29] | 
SQL Server HA/DR Scenarios with Windows Azure VMs
[26:52] | 
SQL Server DR between On-Premise and Windows Azure
[42:52] | 
In SQL 14 CTP2
03 | SQL Server Data Files in Windows Azu...
04 | SQL Server Solutions to Deploy a Dat...
05 | SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Stu...
06 | SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Stu...

About this Module

This session discusses high availability and disaster recovery technologies for SQL Server in Windows Azure virtual machines. Through demos, learn how to ensure high availability of SQL Server on Windows Azure VMs and how to use SQL Server on Azure VMs as a disaster recovery solution for on-premises SQL Server instances.

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