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Windows Server 2012 Training: Technical Overview

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This Windows Server 2012 Training is designed to provide you with the key details of Windows Server 2012. The seven modules in this course, through video and whitepaper, provide details of the new capabilities, features, and solutions built into the product. With so many new features to cover, this course is designed to be the introduction to Windows Server 2012. After completing this course, you will be ready to dive deeper into Windows Server 2012 through additional courses in Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) dedicated to each topic introduced in this “Technical Overview.”

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Identity and Access
14 Points -  Level 100
Server Virtualization
Networking Part 1
40 Minutes
3 Points
Networking Part 2
23 Minutes
3 Points
Networking Part 3
16 Minutes
2 Points
Networking Part 4
16 Minutes
2 Points
Networking Part 5
13 Minutes
2 Points
Networking Part 6
2 Minutes
2 Points
Storage Part 1
38 Minutes
3 Points
Storage Part 2
25 Minutes
3 Points
Storage Part 3
20 Minutes
2 Points
Storage Part 4
19 Minutes
2 Points
Identity and Access
Identity and Access Part 1
34 Minutes
3 Points
Identity and Access Part 2
34 Minutes
3 Points
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Web and Application Platform

About this Module

This module looks at the challenges facing today’s organizations as they strive to give workers access to data and information—across varied networks and devices—while still keeping costs down. This module focuses on three enhancements that help organizations to meet these challenges: Dynamic Access Control, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), and DirectAccess. By the end of this module, you will be able to dive deeper into the key identity and access enhancements in the Windows Server 2012: Identity and Access course.

Additional Materials and Self Assessment